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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crazy Americans!

Last night we went to eat with Katie, Marc & Sofie. We ate at the Chinese restaurant here in the hotel. It was quiet an experience. The staff there speaks very, very little English. We first ordered beer then after that they didn’t come back to our table. The only place in this hotel that has air conditioning is the lobby. Otherwise it is turned off everywhere else. We were able to get a fan from housekeeping and we open our windows in our room. Anyway, finally we were able to order, but then the food took forever. Later, Sofie was making quite a mess on the table trying to feed herself & Katie. Then Olivia tipped over my beer. We kept getting stares from the staff. They probably were saying "Crazy Americans"

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Katie said...

Crazy babies - stupid Americans! It as worth every bit of mess - I laughed through the whole meal.