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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Olivia's First Play-Date

Today Olivia had her first "play-date". We went over to Karen & Piper's house. We had lunch then the girls played while the mommies talked. Piper joined her "Forever Family" in August. Piper is 3 months older then Olivia. I met Karen at Mom's Night Out with the FCC group that I am a member. FCC is a group for families with children from China.
Sharing is a new concept to these girls and I feel that they played pretty well together. I had forgotten to take pictures till the end of the play-date so the pics were taken at the end of the play-date when the girls were starting to get tiered.


Karen said...

Colette & Olivia,
We had such fun! Thanks for coming over. Olivia is darling and so sweet.

We're looking forward to more play dates - and more sharing!

See you soon!
Karen & Piper

Lee-Anne said...

Playdates must be the highlight of toddler's lives!!! AND the Mommy's get to have coffee and chat too - it's good for everyone!!!