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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Group Picture

This is our traveling group. We have come to really bond with some of the families. I will forever have wonderful memories of our time together.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Olivia is having the time of her life! Carol is having so much fun, checking the blog every day, and seeing what's new. We are so happy that Olivia has accepted you right away and seems to be adjusting very well. We think of you often.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl!!!! You all look like you are having a terrific time. I check your blog every day to see your updates. Keep the pictures coming.

I look forward to seeing your family at an FCC event very soon.

Shawn Cannon

Anonymous said...

What memories you will have from your time in China and what a special place it has become for you and Bob! Can't wait to see you in person and hear all about it and to meet Miss Olivia!

Love, Julie

Kathryn Duval said...

Colette - It has been so wonderful following along with your family! I can't wait to see you all back home. Safe journey!!!