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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Home 2 Weeks

What a 2 weeks it has been since we have been home. I finally feel human again. Bob went back to work last Monday. On Wednesday the girls and I took up Girl Scout cookies to Bob’s work. I had never been to Bob’s office (he started with Williams in September). Bob met us in the parking lot after checking us in. WOW! Do they have security? Let me just say that Bob is safe where he is employed. Anyway, he took us up to his office and I was surprised to see that it was decorated with streamers and balloons. Then his boss & co-workers came over to meet us and led us to a conference room where they had cake & gifts. It was very nice to meet all of them. I was surprised by all of this since Bob has only worked there for 6 months. Bob is blessed to work with such a great group of people.

Megan was on spring break from school. We mostly hung out out at home. However we did go shopping at the mall one day (Megan was thrilled…. loves shopping). Thursday, my friend Diane & the kids stopped by for a visit, Olivia enjoyed playing with Abby. Friday night was our first time going out to eat here in the U.S. It was great and it gave me a feeling of normalcy. I know that sounds funny, but Friday night is our night of going out to eat and I really enjoyed it! Saturday Bob’s dad and his wife, Diana came for a visit. It was nice having family here to welcome Olivia home.

I look back and can’t believe we have had Olivia in our lives for 4 weeks. My heart swells with all of the love I have for her. She is a true blessing to our family. I will try and post later all of my thoughts & feelings. I am just having a hard time doing it.



Anonymous said...

What a great looking family! I love the t-shirts! Congrats to you all!

Love, Julie

Matt & Mary said...

You all look great! She is adorable, and Megan looks so sweet with her.

Katie said...

I can't believe it either. 4 weeks. Holy cow. Can you believe we were in China a little over 2 weeks ago? What an amazing trip. We miss you guys a lot - it's good to see the picture of the 4 of you. I'm so glad to hear Olivia is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Colette and Megan

Your family is now complete. What a neat looking family. You have so many joys to come. I wish you all the happiness in the world. You are truly blessed with such a special child.

Megan - You look like a terrific BIG sister. Your Mom and Dad are certainly lucky to have you. Take care of your little sister. She will need you for help.

Michaelle (Juju's friend)

Leda Perry said...

Colette, I totally know exactly how you feel. I am loving my little Kaylee-girl so much, I really just can't believe how perfectly she blends into our family. I feel so blessed that she is my daughter.