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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Husker Party With Relatives!

When I heard that my cousin Jim was going to be in Nebraska with his family I had to be there. It had been 14 years since I had seen him and his wife. They have a 2 kids that I had never seen. Jim is in the U.S. Army, thanks for serving and protecting our country. It was GREAT to see him and his family! Cousin Jim
Olivia & Juju

Olivia with my Uncle Jim.

Aunt Phil & Colette

My sister (Ann) with her daughter (Kayla) and husband (Brian). It was homecoming and Kayla was going to the dance.

Sisters, My mom with her 2 sisters (Carol & Phil).

Olivia with my cousin Jim's daughter (Murphy) they live in Florida.

Gary with his son's (Tyler & Kyle).

Olivia & Colette with her nephew Mike and his wife Erica.

Olivia with my Aunt Carol from California.

Jim & Rick (cousins)

Ann, Judith, Julie & Colette (3 sisters & sister-in-law)

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I think all of the red has damaged my retnas!