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Monday, October 08, 2007

Husker Football!

While my mom took me to a Husker football game, Julie & Gary kept Olivia. THANK YOU Juju & Oohee.

Julie & Gary's boys (Tyler & Kyle) both go to UNL so we got to spend the day together.

Going to the game was very special for me to do this with my mom. THANKS MOM, I had a great time! Colette & Mom before the game.
Nana & Kyle before the game.

I sat with my mom in her season ticket seats this year. They are great seats! It had been 5 years since I had been to a game. I had gone with my friend Tom, we tail-gated with my dad & mom before the game. A memory I will cherish as well as this one.

Aunt Juju & Uncle Oohee with Olivia. Olivia calls my sister Juju (this is what Megan has always called her) and she calls Gary, Oohee. She can't get pass the "G" in Gary. We tried Goohee and it came out Oohee.

This is a picture of Tyler and his girlfriend, Abby. This was the first time for me to meet her, she is very nice!

This is Kyle's dorm room. I lived in dorm exactly like this. The only thing that had changed was the desktop. They made it bigger to hold a computer. Other then that nothing had changed. FUNNY, I lived in the dorm 22 years ago. WOW! Time sure goes by fast.

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Susan said...

I've been checking daily to see these pics! Boy, that dorm room shot sure brought some back some fun memories.