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Friday, April 27, 2007

Gota Love The Hat!


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby!!! I miss her so much!

Love, Aunt Juju

Katie said...

Yep - they are both getting big. CRUD. The hat is adorable. Will she wear it for awhile, or were you just fast with the camera? The dress came from the Gap. I got it on sale at the outlet mall. CHEAP!!!! The outlet mall Gap seems to be A LOT better than the reg. Gap at the mall? I went in before we went to CHina and at the time it was all mini Brittney Spears crud. Maybe it was an off day for the Gap. But since I have only been to the outlet one way out of town near our cabin. They always have really cute stuff, go figure.

Susan said...

Love to see your girls in hats! That's such a great color on her!

My experience about Gap Outlet has been the same as Katie's...very cute stuff, especially for girls. Do you have one there? We are so lucky...our close-by outlet has Stride Rite, Carters, OshKosh, and Gap Outlet. There is also a Hartstrings, but it is still too expensive for me.

I love all of these pics...

Lee-Anne said...

Not everyone looks good in a hat... now Olivia... SHE looks good in a hat! She'd probably still look cute in a garbage bag!!!