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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bath Time

When we first got Olivia she hated water. It quickly became apparent that she never had a "real bath" that she had been sponge bathed. After a few attempts of a bath while in China, I finally just gave her a sponge bath. Once we got home Olivia took a bath with Megan. She had to be sitting on Megan's lap. Well, there were many times when Meg was not home or unable to take a bath with Olivia. So, I would give Olivia a bath in the kitchen sink. The first couple of weeks she would only sit on the edge of the sink and put her feet in. Well, you can tell by the pictures she now will completely sit it in the sink. I guess now we are ready to move to the bathtub. I will keep you informed. Colette

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Lee-Anne said...

Yay! She certainly doesn't look unhappy!!!