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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Every Halloween since Megan & Kirby (both 11 yr olds) were little my good friend Diane comes over and we take the kids trick-or-treating. I met Diane shortly after I moved to Tulsa. She has become a very good friend and we have continued our friendship for 18 yrs. Diane has 2 kids, Kirby who is 11 and Abby who is 6. Bob & I are Abby’s godparents. Kirby was home sick so this year it was just the girls.

Diane stayed at the house while Bob & I started off with all of the girls. Olivia only made it a few houses. Mom got tiered of carrying her after awhile so we came home and Bob continued with Megan & Abby. Haha!
Pumpkin Olivia & Dr. Abby.
Dressed up and ready to go get some candy!
Megan all dressed up as a gangster.
Olivia helped Diane hand out the candy to the trick-or-treaters that came to the door. We had over 100 come to the door. Tiered after all of the trick-or-treating. Olivia only lasted around 7 houses. Megan & Abby continued trick-or-treating for an hour. They had LOTS of Fun!.... YUMMY CANDY!

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