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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Princes Butterfly Olivia

I have to share the story behind this picture. One day last week, Olivia declared that she was Princes Butterfly, she wore wings, a crown and her church shoes. She wore these items on top of her clothes all day. Then she was resting in her bed later that night around 8:00 (not yet in her PJ's) and she fell asleep. I tried taking off her crown, wings, shoes and clothes, and she woke up. After I got on her PJ's she wanted to wear Princes Butterfly's clothes. I told her that it would be uncomfortable and laid them on the end of her bed, she seemed ok with this.

I went in her room to check on her later, she had put the Princes Butterfly clothes back on and was asleep. I took the shoes, wings, and crown off and laid them at the end of the bed (she didn’t wake up). The next morning when Bob went into her room to check on her before he left for work she was in her bed with Princes Butterfly’s clothes asleep. He left her like that and went to work. When Olivia and I woke up later she came into my room and was in her PJ’s, crown, shoes & wings. I thought she had just waked up and put the stuff on. I talked to Bob later and found out that once again she woke up and put the stuff on and fell back asleep. Anyway, below is a picture of what she was wearing.

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