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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fun In The High Chair!

After eating a hard boiled egg... yummy!

Where is Olivia's tongue?

How big is Olivia?

I'm tiered.


Anonymous said...

What a quick learner! We were just trying to get her to do "how big's Olivia?". She is so precious and you are so blessed!

Love, Juju

Michelle said...

I was just going through some old posts on my blog, and found a comment from you from about a year ago. I followed the link and here I am, checking out your adorable Olivia! Congrats! She is lovely. My blog is private now, and I'm not sure if you are still a reader. If not and you'd like access, my email is mira867 at aol dot com. :) My daughter's name is Julia.